Monday, January 17, 2011

Withdraw WA from Western Climate Initiative?

Excerpt from:
Under the Dome for January 14
By Katie Schmidt


Sen. Jerome Delvin introduced a bill that would withdraw Washington from participation in the Western Climate Initiative, a regional effort to reduce the greenhouse-gas emissions that lead to climate change. According to the language of the bill, its sponsors believe state government should focus on jobs and the economy over environmental efforts during recession.

Rep. Shelly Short also introduced a bill requesting that the governor withdraw from the initiative.

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Sen. Jerome Delvin

CONTACT: Rep. Shelly Short

CONTACT: Sen. Tim Sheldon

Rep. Kathy Haigh

CONTACT: Rep. Fed Finn

CONTACT: Gov. Chris Gregoire

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  1. What a perfect example of the prevailing mentality among government officials: make the public abide by the rules, but when these same rules are interpreted as running contrary to their purpose, change them. A shining demonstration of "Two Americas". Martin Luther King should be rolling over with laughter in his grave.