Friday, December 31, 2010

Cartoon for the Day

Submitted to Shelton Blog by Claude

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Submitted to Shelton Blog by John Cox and Christine Armond

Keep the Light Burning Brightly

As we approached the holidays this season, it appeared to be looking darker. But, the light still shines through each and every citizen who is willing to continue to oppose the grand plan of those who worship the Almighty Dollar

Our 2011 New Year resolution as concerned citizens is:

At least once, everyday, we will act in a manner, however small the act, to subvert the dominance of the corporations. This is not hard to do. It is primarily a matter being conscious of our actions...and being conscious of how we feed the machine by our unconscious choices.
  • We can choose to eat at home with family or friends instead of going to a local corporate fast food joint.
  • We can choose to not shop at corporate monopoly stores whenever possible.
  • We can turn off the TV and read a book or meet with friends instead.
  • We can have a conversation with a homeless person and discover that we are not so different.
  • We can support others who are willing to put themselves at risk for a good cause.
  • We can speak the truth and support others who speak the truth.
  • We can protest and demonstrate against those who would embrace the dark for a pittance.
  • Etc.
We urge everyone to join us in similar resolutions so we can keep the light burning brightly.

"We create the world that does not yet exist by living it."
John Holloway
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Thursday, December 30, 2010

ORCAA/ADAGE Comment Period Ends 1/31/11

ORCAA Consider the Science!

Submitted to Shelton Blog by Katherine Price

Lovely clear days in winter bring more than a smile to our faces. For those of us in Shelton and Mason County, they also bring bad air! The monitor at the hospital is nearly in the orange; we are not under an official residential burn ban quite yet, but citizens are being asked by ORCAA to voluntarily refrain from burning.

What will days like this be like if there is ever a stinking ADAGE smokestack sitting up on John’s Prairie Rd., freaking exempt from burn bans? What will days like this be like for those of us who live and work downtown Shelton when there is a second stinking SIMPSON, a/k/a SOLOMON, chimney operating during a burn ban? What is downtown like today? Are Simpson and Oly Plywood spewing into the air? And what does Oly Plywood spew, besides steam?

On this beautiful day I would love to run my errands downtown on foot. I am from Idaho; I love a cold crisp day more than a hot sunny one; but five minutes downtown walking anymore, and my eyes start to sting and my chest gets tight.

ORCAA’s own Mr. Robert Moody has stated (and I saved the telephone message), that we are going to get an ORCAA monitor downtown (the one presently at the hospital will be moved). We need to follow-up with him and find out when. We also need to push hard for a monitor at the Mason County Recreational Area as recommended by the illustrious Dr. Yu, not just for when ADAGE gets here, if they do, but for NOW...for the sake of the children who are playing field games at MCRA.

I hope that everyone is reviewing the ORCAA Staff Recommendation for Notice of Construction 10NOC748 in connection with the ADAGE permit. I hope that ORCAA receives hundreds of well thought out and well written comments from our community, and elsewhere.

My first comment letter, just sent to ORCAA, is simply commenting on their public notice, which contains language that is not comforting. I have the entire document to review, and intend to send them comments and documents during the month-long comment period, including the letters from the Mason General Hospital doctors; the May 17, 2010, letter to Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid submitted by 88 scientists and doctors; the May 13, 2010, letter from Bio Fuel Watch to the Sierra Club; the June 24, 2009, American Lung Association paper to Waxman and Markey; the American Heart Association circulation titled “Particulate Matter, Air Pollution and Cardiovascular Disease"; and a host of other scientific papers and data which do not support the building of biomass incinerators.

I have not had a chance to read the whole document from ORCAA but it is on my desk, staring me in the face. A quick review of it failed to provide me with information in connection with the health effects of allowing ADAGE to go on line. Maybe my review was too quick. But what the hell do we need an Olympic Regional Clean Air Agency for if they do not address the health risks of something that is patently not clean? Anyway – that’s my project, I have lots to do before the year ends. I need to read the document with great care to be sure that if ORCAA is really ignoring the health issues, I will then descend on them with words on paper.

Also, if ORCAA fails to account for the diesel trucks coming and going from the plant, and they do not calculate and consider this additional source of particulate matter, then their document fails, and is incomplete, and is worthless to our community. We have previously been told that they would not consider this source of air pollution in their “consideration” of the ADAGE permit. This is absolute bull! To simply only consider the chimney at ADAGE and only what occurs on site, is to throw our community, and the entire state of Washington, under the bus.

We cannot stand for this. ORCAA must consider the whole project and the effect of the whole project. If they only look at ADAGE as though it is inside some sort of bubble, then they might as well do nothing at all, and frankly, they will have done nothing at all...except perhaps serve their corporate masters with extreme loyalty!

Get fierce Mason County, the studies are numerous, the science is overwhelming, and yet ORCAA has given ADAGE a conditional approval. This means that they have not considered the science of the health effects on humans or, worse, that they are not going to consider the science of the health effects on humans.

When we deliver the science to them via mail, I suggest return receipt, even thought it costs a bit more. Then when we attend the public hearings, we can wave our little green return receipts in the air and say “I sent you this on January 3, 2011, and this on January 7, 2011, and this on the 15th of January, 2011, would you please speak to the issues in these comments at this time? Oh, you don’t have a copy? I just happen to have one here, and have put sticky notes where the information I am about to ask you about is located; please, take a minute to familiarize yourself with…”

You get the picture. There are so many smart people opposed to biomass incinerators that I believe we can make it the most important public comment period we have ever had, and the public hearing can be an amazing event if we have adequately prepared ORCAA and ourselves to address these issues.

Lots to do! Keep it light, but pretty fierce I think.

Shelton Blog Note:

ORCAA Comment Period for the ADAGE Permit ends January 31st.

Comments or hearing requests must be submitted in writing by this date.
By Mail: ORCAA, 2940-B Limited Lane NW, Olympia, WA 98502
By Fax: (360) 491-6308
By Email: See specific application on website link below

ORCAA Public Hearings will be held Monday, Jan. 31st, at 1:00 pm & 6:00 pm
in the Main Room of the Shelton Civic Center, 525 West Cota Street, Shelton.

Link to ORCAA Staff Recommendation Documents:

All above mentioned documents can be found in "Reference Documents" on the top bar of Shelton Blog.
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Submitted to Shelton Blog by Jo and Dick Curtis

Excerpt from:
Sunny, cold weather brings voluntary burn ban

In a bid to reduce air pollution, the Olympic Region Clean Air Agency is asking all residents in the region to voluntarily refrain from using their woodstoves and fireplaces.

The stagnant air conditions associated with the cool weather and lack of wind forecasted into the weekend creates the likelihood of rising levels of air pollution, agency officials said.

Burning wood creates small particles that can lodge in lungs, causing breathing problems and aggravating lung and heart disease.

Link to complete article:


Submitted to Shelton Blog by Jack Miles

Excerpt from:
Air Agency Warns of Stagnant Air
Asks Residents Not to Burn

by Dedrick Allan

The Olympic Region Clean Air Agency (ORCAA) is asking residents to refrain from burning unless absolutely necessary. This request is because of cold temperatures and little wind which may result in rising air pollution levels and stagnant air...

ORCAA officials say that in these conditions any smoke we put into the air, stays in the air around us. Burning wood creates smoke composed of fine and very fine particulate matter (PM2.5). These tiny particles are too small to be filtered by the nose and the body’s other natural defense mechanisms, so they may end up being inhaled deep into the lungs. That means that exposure to wood smoke may, at the very least, cause breathing problems and can increase – sometimes substantially – the severity of existing lung disease, such as asthma. Smoke also has been shown to aggravate heart and vascular disease...

Link to complete article:

Cartoon for the Day

Submitted to Shelton Blog by Claude

Mason County Progressive

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Emerging from the Heart of Humanity

Excerpt from:
"Support the Dominate Paradigm"
by Randall Amster

The real Dominant Paradigm -- the one held by the overwhelming majority of people on the planet -- is more decentralized and amorphous, yet is grounded in shared values that merit enunciation. These include: a belief in the virtues of community; a desire to be part of something greater than oneself; a reciprocal relationship with nature and life's essential resources; an aversion to open hostilities and devastating warfare; an interest in the well being of others as a precondition of personal prosperity; an adherence to culturally-transcendent principles such as the Golden Rule; and a willingness to work hard in return for an equitable existence.

Remarkably, this truly Dominant Paradigm continues to proliferate despite attempts to manipulate and eradicate it, and despite the fact that its practicability is highly disincentivized in modern life. It is perpetually being subverted by the "power elite" through the interlocking devices of politics, media, education, and economics -- and yet it continually emerges from the heart of humanity like green grass poking through the cracks of a lifeless concrete jungle.

Link to complete article:
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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Sixth Great Extinction

Submitted to Shelton Blog by Connie Simpson Mason County Progressive


Of the 40,177 species assessed in 2006 by the World Conservation Union, 16,119 were listed as threatened with extinction. The previous five great extinctions took place over centuries...this one is happening in the blink of an eye.

We are selling the birthright of our descendants for things like electrical power produced locally at great cost to the environment, exported to California for the greatest profit; and shoddy goods produced from cheap human labor abroad, imported via fossil fuel burning tankers and trucks to a big chain store near you.

We in the U.S. are complicit in our use of more than our fair share of the planet’s resources, thereby contributing to human misery, dangerous degradation of our planet and it’s resources, and...the Sixth Great Extinction.

We do not need, nor will Mason County profit from converting woody biomass, or any other incinerated fuel, to power. For your health: Oppose Biomass.
Grandmothers Against Pollution
promoting a healthy planetary environment
in which to leave our grandchildren
and other endangered species

Monday, December 27, 2010

Last Week at the Port Commissioners' Meeting

Port Attorney Skip Hauser's
renewed contract gives him a pay raise
of $185. to $200. per hour.

Happy New Year Skip
from us taxpayers!

Photo by Christine
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Sunday, December 26, 2010


Mason County, WA USA

We have the power when we do not succumb to fear

Submitted to Shelton Blog by Linda Gruer

I have been trying to do what I can for our concern over our community environment, with positive thoughts, letters to everyone I can think of, talking to people, contributing money, and going to some protests and meetings. I am sure there is more I could do. But I have also been trying to gain knowledge, and not just facts. Below are some thoughts, in a kind of random order, that I would like to pass on.

1. We must persist in insisting on a healthy environment, and on other issues, too. We will continue, no matter what the outcome. But I feel we must do so with a positive energy. We will not gain anything by creating the same dark energy in our resistance as we feel coming from those grinding our environment to its knees.

2. We have the power when we do not succumb to fear. How do you keep the masses under control? By instigating fear. It has been so successful in history, and certainly in the last 10 years. First you have to have constant war on terror. And fear of lack of jobs and abundance will get people to do almost anything, even allow the likes of Adage and Simpson. I always say the way to keep the masses down and busy is to have a good recession, and pump them up with the idea of the "American Dream". The middle class is being devastated while being told they too, could be really rich. When the reality is that there is plenty of abundance and jobs (etc.) if it were redistributed. I am waiting for people to realize this. Boy, that realization would strike it's own fear in the hearts of the greedy power elite!

3. We have the power because we have the numbers. Slowly, I think, more are becoming "enlightened", which could mean a lot of things, but mostly I mean it here as knowledge or no fear. There will be a tipping point at some time (maybe not in our lifetimes) when the power elites will no longer have the power because they can no longer manipulate us through fear. It will happen. What Shelton/ Olympic Peninsula/USA/World/Human Species looks like by then, is the open question. So, the more light, (knowledge) we see and spread and live our lives by, the quicker the collective consciousness will create this tipping point.

4. We are fortunate here because the our numbers do mean something. We have the vote, and we have our actions. We have more power than we realize through voting with our dollars. The US economy is about 2/3 consumer spending, and businesses spend much trying to solicit our dollars. We can make many statements by redirecting our spending.

5. And we have the freedom of speech. We will be heard. Not too long ago, I would be in trouble for saying any of this.

6. Anger is a form of fear. That really is my main message here. Anger begets anger. It plays into the dark energy we are trying to resist. I know when I am angry, I am the one who suffers! So we do all we can, then learn to go to sleep peaceful. That is my wish for all of us. Keep up the good work!

Photo by Christine Mason County Progressive

Saturday, December 25, 2010



Mason County, WA USA
May We Save Our Air!


Friday, December 24, 2010

Cartoon for the Day

Submitted to Shelton Blog by Claude

Mason County Progressive

A Monitor Promised for Downtown Shelton

Submitted to Shelton Blog by Katherine Price


This morning I was in a parking lot filled with Christmas shoppers. There was not a parking place to be found when suddenly a woman in a front row parking place pulled out, and I pulled in. We made eye contact and grinned at each other – “score!” Ten minutes later, with no packages in tow, I returned to my car. A lady pulled into my parking spot as I pulled out. We made eye contact and grinned at each other – “score!”

Small miracles indeed; but the small miracles add up.

The day before yesterday, I had another small miracle. I returned home to a message on my answering machine from Mr.
Robert Moody, the Compliance Supervisor at ORCAA. Mr. Moody was delivering another small miracle, the promise that the monitor at the hospital will be moved to downtown Shelton. It may be “thirty days, or three months” before it is moved, according to Mr. Moody, but what a gift to the people who live and work down town that it will indeed be moved.

My thanks to Mr. Moody, and the folks at ORCAA! I hope everyone who breathes air in Mason County will let Mr. Moody know how much we appreciate his efforts to monitor the air we are breathing, and how much we look forward to the swift movement of the monitor from the hospital site to the downtown area.

I hope that all of our blog readers and contributors have many small miracles this season, and that we begin the new year with a renewed sense of the urgency of our common goal: SAVE OUR AIR!

Keep it light...
Mason County Progressive

Thursday, December 23, 2010


Submitted to Shelton Blog by John Cox

AREVA/ADAGE: Adepts of "Truthiness"

Lies within lies and more lies.

So...while continually spewing their propaganda about the carbon neutrality of biomass incineration, AREVA/ADAGE will be buying carbon credits (definition: scheme to convert pollution prevention into a commodity and make even more money while accomplishing nothing) to offset their massive planet killing carbon dioxide releases.

Those of us who have actually studied the available information, already know that AREVA/ADAGE deals in massive amounts of BS via the media, their PR machine, their surrogates in government, and other bought and paid for just-plain-fools. This is nothing but another bit of mangled truthiness from the corporate machine.

Link to Adage CO2 Mitigation Plan:

Cartoon by Claude

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

An Historic Day: DADT Goes Away!


Submitted to Shelton Blog by Jack Miles

Today, President Obama put in motion the end of a policy that has hurt our military as a whole; that has forced thousands of those who serve to do so under a cloud of anxiety and isolation; and that has stood as a symbol of the barriers to unity and equality in our country.

Several weeks ago, Steve Bloomfield decided to come to the Port of Shelton meeting and expose the fact I was discharged from the Marine Corps under other than honorable conditions, and I issued a statement regarding the circumstances surrounding my discharge. For many years, I've waited for the day that any American could serve their country and be proud they are serving their country without fear. The purpose of serving in the military is to preserve, protect and defend this country and Constitution of the United States of America.

Our country has come a long way from the days when women could not vote or serve in the military, or be a police officer, or a fire fighter. Now women not only vote, but are heads of state representing America at every level in our government and military. One day soon, a woman will be President of the United States of America.

Seventeen years ago, even before the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy was law, I chose to protect my fellow service members. I chose to keep their secret, and I chose to serve in silence so that one day we could all see this day.

The military is recognizing that America is made up of all different kinds of people. We are one nation...all Americans' individual rights and freedoms must be protected.

For background, see previous post: Clearing the Air!
mason county progressive

Tuesday, December 21, 2010



December 21, 2010--Thurston County, Washington has imposed a 12-month moratorium on permitting biomass facilities because of “environmental concerns” raised by the biomass gasification plant proposed for the campus of Evergreen State College. The moratorium is effective immediately.

Thurston County is likely the first jurisdiction in the country to impose a moratorium on biomass incinerators of all kinds.

The moratorium, signed today by Thurston County Commissioners Cathy Wolfe and Sandra Romero, cites “environmental concerns surrounding bio-mass facilities, including the source of bio-mass material, the release of particulate matter, volatile organic compounds, carbon monoxide, solid waste, and other airborne emissions…”

The moratorium also cites the “environmental and siting” impacts four other biomass incinerators proposed for the Olympic Peninsula in the northwest region of Washington State: (1) Adage, 65MW in Shelton, Mason County; (2) Simpson, 31MW in Shelton, Mason County; (3) Port Townsend Paper, 36MW near Port Townsend, Jefferson County; and (4) Nippon, 25MW in Port Angeles, Clallam County.

If all five proposed biomass incinerators are built to join the six other biomass plants operating on or approved for the Olympic Peninsula, an estimated 2,750,000 tons of forest wood would be burned annually. These 11 incinerators would also emit almost three million tons of carbon dioxide annually. Source for calculations: public documents from Adage Mason, LLC.

Thurston County Commissioners will hold a public hearing on the moratorium within 60 days.

A potential loophole could be exploited by Evergreen State College administrators trying to skirt the moratorium.

If the Washington legislature approves the $14M for the project in its session beginning on Jan. 10, 2011, and if the proposed Evergreen gasification plant could be classified as an “essential public facility”, the Thurston County moratorium would not apply to the Evergreen biomass project. “Essential public facilities” usually applies to government facilities like prisons.

Biomass activists in Thurston County are vowing to close the loophole by lobbying the state legislature to deny funding for the Evergreen plant, and to deny classifying the plant as an essential public facility.

Evergreen proposes to convert its existing natural gas-fired boiler used to heat campus buildings to a biomass gasification plant. Evergreen claims the plant would help achieve its goal of being carbon neutral by 2020. Peer-reviewed, published science documents that the Evergreen gasification plant would release twice as much carbon dioxide as its current gas boiler.

  1. Duff Badgley, No Biomass Burn, Seattle, WA. 206-283-0621,,
  2. Scott Clark, Director of Thurston County Planning Department. 360-754-3355, x. 3005;
  3. Scott Morgan, Evergreen State College. 360-867-6913;
  4. Richard Davis, Evergreen State College. 360-867-6136;
LINK to related article in the Olympian: Mason County Progressive


Monday, December 20, 2010

Bugs in the Big Bucks' Political Pomade

Submitted to Shelton Blog by John Cox

There Were Never Any Red Light
s At All

What is the EPA's or ORCAA's real job?

I'm not talking about the stated mission or policy statements or any of that. I'm talking about what really goes on. What it looks like when you look back in a time a bit.

The politicians have a problem. The industries in this country that are the toxin producing polluters are also the guys with the big bucks. It has become really clear lately that Big Bucks Rule! Big Power, Big Pharma, Big Chemical, Big Oil, and the rest of the Bigs all need to pollute and spread their toxic products and by-products around in order to maintain their tainted profits.

There is a minor problem with this...that's us, the citizens. We are the flys in their ointment. We are the bugs in the big bucks' political pomade.

In some countries, this is not a problem. If you protest or make a fuss, you are either forced to leave or be killed. Easy. Here in the US, however, there is still a façade of democracy, and there is still a façade of justice. The bit of protection we have remaining, slows down and forces the Big Bucks Guys to be a little sneakier.

Now if I was a Big Bucks Guy who didn't care if I polluted the hell out of the environment, risked the health of thousands, and in general acted in a sociopathic manner so I could make LOT$ of money, what would I do?

I would buy enough influence with the politicians to establish a government organization that would appear to protect the citizenry. It would have lots of experts, scientists and equipment, and rules and regulations that would sound very protective. It would even actually appear to do a little good once in a while, but it still would be just a façade, a sham.

But in the end, the real purpose of such an organization would be to allow the Big Bucks Guys to have their own way while making us citizens think we are being protected from their $elf $erving agendas.

Take a close look at what's happening with ORCAA and ADAGE. ADAGE wants in. ORCAA stands at the door. The ORCAA machinery whirls and whirrs for a while, and then the green light flashes on. GO ADAGE GO!

But...take a closer look. There were never any red lights at all.

"The first job of a citizen is to keep your mouth open,
and often the collective mouth of the American public
must roar in order to be heard...and make things right."

Jim Hightower Mason County Progressive

Cartoon for the Day

Submitted to Shelton Blog by Claude

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Air Pollution Associated with Diabetes


The Adage and new Simpson incinerators will spew large amounts of particulate matter 2.5 which is the pollutant in the study below. There is no real doubt about the hazards of PM 2.5. This has been clear for some time and the case against it will continue to be strengthened with more and more scientific evidence. This is now a moral issue. This is clearly a profits vs. people issue. Adage and Simpson and the rest must be stopped.

Excerpt from:
Air Pollution Appears to Foster Diabetes
Findings confirm previously published animal data
By Janet Raloff

A pair of new studies — one in the United States, another in Germany — reports strong evidence that diabetes rates climb with increasing air pollution in the form of tiny airborne particles.

“Although previous studies had hinted at this possibility, the data were mostly from small studies or from animals exposed to high levels of particulate matter,” notes Aruni Bhatnagar, a cardiovascular researcher at the University of Louisville in Kentucky, who did not take part in either study. He says the new data provide important and more rigorous evidence that real-world pollution may be tampering with blood sugar control in a large and growing number of people.

View the entire article at:

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Just Eat Your Clams and Shut Up!

DOE and DOH Public Meeting Report 12/15/10

Submitted to Shelton Blog by Tom Davis

On December 15, Washington State Department of Ecology, along with Washington Department of Health, held a meeting at Shelton City Hall to announce the findings of their investigation into how much Dioxin is in Oakland Bay shellfish.

In fact, the focus of the entire meeting was aimed at assuring the public that eating shellfish harvested from the bay is just dandy. Sure, it has a bit of Dioxin in it, but, hey, who doesn’t these days. According to the report, you’d have to eat 260 shellfish every day before you were allowed to even think it was Dioxin that was killing you.

But what about the accumulative effects of Dioxin climbing up the food chain? Sorry, not the focus of the report. And what about the 550,000 tons of pollutants that will be flowing into our waterways from storm water run off each year if the Adage biomass incinerator is built. Nope, can’t do nothin’ about that, either.

Wondering who commissioned this report, I turned to my handy, 2010 Master Advisory Board Membership List (I’ll send you a copy for $49.95, plus handling). Ah, here it is: Oakland Bay Clean Water District Advisory Committee. Let’s see, there are 36 members on the committee; David McEntee (The Simpson PR guy); Patti Case (Green Diamond); Lind Ring-Erickson and Ross Gallagher (those names seem to ring a bell); Steve Bloomfield (also known as the clam-pirate), and a bunch of names I’m not familiar with. Well, that was a dead end- no obvious conflict of interests there, at least not by Mason County standards.

See, in order to have a conflict of interest in Mason County you’d have to hold the position of County Commissioner AND be a State Senator AND own a lot of timberland AND be instrumental in bringing biomass energy to the community in which you live and work…uh, wait a minute, no, that can’t be a conflict, we already have one of those. Oh, yeah, you’d have to be the President of the Washington State Pilots Association AND, at the same time, be the Executive Director of a Washington Port that oversees the future of an airport…oops, no, we already have one of those, too. I got it: if you were the sole principal of a business consulting firm with clients that hire you to promote biomass energy in a certain community AND you’re a Port Commissioner in that community AND you now have the authority to make biomass energy a reality in that very same community…oh, crap, what’s the use. Forgetaboutit! Just eat your clams and shut up!


The public has until January 21st to submit comments or technical questions concerning the Oakland Bay study to:

Ecology Project Manager, Joyce Mercuri
360-407-6260 or

Also address health concerns to:

State Health Official, Len O’Garro
360-236-3376 or Lenford.O'

To learn about the Oakland Bay Sediment Study: Mason County Progressive

Cartoon for the Day

Submitted to Shelton Blog by Claude

Does Fox News Make You Stupid?

Excerpt from:
"Study Confirms That Fox News Makes You Stupid"

By Mark Howard

A new survey of American voters shows that Fox News viewers are significantly more misinformed than consumers of news from other sources.

Yet another study has been released proving that watching Fox News is detrimental to your intelligence. World Public Opinion, a project managed by the Program on International Policy Attitudes at the University of Maryland, conducted a survey of American voters that shows that Fox News viewers are significantly more misinformed than consumers of news from other sources. What’s more, the study shows that greater exposure to Fox News increases misinformation.

So the more you watch, the less you know. Or to be precise, the more you think you know that is actually false...

Link to complete article on AlterNet

Friday, December 17, 2010

Precisely What Is ADAGE Selling Locally?

Submitted to Shelton Blog by Christine Armond

The local Chamber Pot is promoting "Great Holiday Deals When You Shop Local". (We all might wonder at what the multi-national corporation ADAGE wants us to "buy" locally this holiday season.)

Below is a list of the Shelton-Mason County Chamber of Commerce businesses (local and otherwise) that give enough money to the Chamber Pot to be called "Platinum Level" members. This is the Shelton version of Bush's "Haves and Have Mores".

Are all of the Chamber of Commerce members aware of the company they are keeping? Are they aware that this listing isn't exactly another incentive (understatement) for many of us to support Chamber businesses at any time of year?

The very people who would actually make the most effort to do as much business as possible locally, are the very people most put off by the political machinations of the Chamber, and in particular, certain "Platinum" members.

Several months ago, our local Chamber made arrangements for ADAGE representatives to present their PR propaganda to chapter members here in Shelton. Local citizens also requested, but were denied, equal time to present their views.

Since that time,
there have been a number of local business owners who have chosen to make a statement on the issues by refusing to remain, or become, members of the local chapter.

Recently, another local business owner (a Chamber "Platinum" member) told me that they did not have an opinion on biomass incinerators, either way. Aren't they aware that merely by being a member of the local Chamber Pot makes a statement on where they stand on the issues?

Unfortunately, the entire membership is contaminated by association.

Active Underground, LLC
All About Parties, LLC
Allstate Insurance - Bob Buhl
Arnold & Smith Insurance
Bayshore Store
Bright & Bailey Consultation and Management Service
Cameo Boutique & Wine Shop
Dirt Cheap Cycle
Everett L Hughes, EA Tax Consultant
Gateway Property Management
Generation D Computers
Golden Rule Glass
Green Diamond Resource Co.
Hackney Family Dentistry
Harmony Hill Retreat Center
Heritage Bank
HQ Electronics & Satellite
Houle & Goodell Attorneys, LLC
Hoss & Wilson Hoss Attorneys
John Eaton Travel
John L Scott Real Estate Shelton
1030 KMAS Radio
Mariano's Fine Jewelry & Design
Mason County Senior Activities Assoc.
McCarty & Associates, Inc.
Our Community Credit Union
Prudential Northwest Real Estate, Shelton
Sam Sevier, LLC
Simpson Lumber Co.
Squaxin Island Tribe Tourism
State Farm Insurance - Melanie Bakala
Steph's Espresso
Urraco Coffee Company
Walter Dacon Wines
West Coast Bank
Windermere Himlie Real Estate
Wittenberg, CPA Mason County Progressive

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Cartoon for the Day

Submitted to Shelton Blog by Claude

Citizens Protest Proposed Port Angeles Incinerator

Excerpts from:
"Pressure builds around biomass burner initial approval"
by Gary Chittim

PORT ANGELES, Wash. -- As a proposed biomass burner in Port Angeles gets closer to approval the community reacts with concerns. Citizen groups are challenging the city's initial approval of the project which would burn wood to make electricity...

"The information they are giving us about pollutants from the stacks doesn't mention things like dioxins and furans that are commonly released in these kinds of plants," said Diana Somerville.

The Port Angeles plan is one of several projects proposed across the country facing serious challenges from citizens groups.

The study of biomass emissions is in its infancy but the concept of efficiently burning leftover timber from logging operations is very popular. Currently that slash is burned in the field with no emissions control.

But until there is complete certainty there is no risk to public health, groups will continue to challenge each big project that comes along.

A similar legal battle is shaping over a proposed biomass burner in the Shelton area.

Link to complete article:

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Oakland Bay Dioxin Levels Deemed Not Harmful?

Wednesday, December 15th
7:00 PM
Shelton Civic Center
525 W. Cota Street

This is a public meeting and open house with officials from the State Departments of Health and Ecology. The doors open at 6:30 PM, with a power point presentation beginning at 7:00 PM.

The dioxin levels found in the Oakland Bay sediments have been determined to be not harmful! Doesn't this just whet your appetite for shell fish? How did the dioxins get into Oakland Bay in the first place? The ecology staff will be available to answer questions.

The public has until January 21st to submit comments or technical questions concerning the Oakland Bay study to:

Ecology Project Manager, Joyce Mercuri
360-407-6260 or

Also address health concerns to:

State Health Official, Len O’Garro
360-236-3376 or Lenford.O'

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Letter to Mason County Storm Water Task Force

Submitted to Shelton Blog by Dick and Jo Curtis

We wanted to share with the readers of the Shelton Blog our thoughts on how the ADAGE and Simpson/Solomon Incinerators will IMPACT our precious, but now at risk, bodies of water. Please join us in writing Ms. Swanson.

Ms. Loretta Swanson
Mason County Storm Water Task Force
100 W. Public Works Dr.
Shelton, WA 98584

Dear Ms. Swanson,

My wife and I must extend our personal apologies to you for not being able to attend your very important Open House Meeting last week. We feel that the issues of storm water contamination, beyond the currency, are extremely critical to bring to your attention.

First, everyone involved with water contamination must be aware of the added factors generated by two (2) new and massive generators of potential pollution to our storm water, and, hence, to our bodies of water. Two companies, ADAGE and Simpson/Solomon, are planning on constructing two (2) Biomass Incineration plants which will, collectively, consume over 1,000,000 (yes, one million) tons of forest biomass annually. That’s 2,000,000,000 pounds!

Second, the details of how this will (may) effect the contamination of Mason County bodies of water, albeit fresh or salt water, are presented below.

1. The removal of a high percentage of the forest under story (slash) will allow for potential increase of storm overflow/erosion which will quite possibly result in pollution of the wetlands, ponds, lakes, rivers and the Puget Sound.

2. The high volume of large semi-truck trips – some 300+ daily trips for ADAGE, 150+ daily trips for Simpson/Solomon; 20+ daily trips for ash removal, and some 30+ daily fuel, chemical and supply trips totalling approximately 500 large truck trips daily. This volume of diesel truck traffic on our local and city roads will add a major collective pollution factor to our waters.

  • Truck tire residue on our roadways will run-off with the rain into our storm ditches and be carried onward to our rivers, lakes, ponds and eventually into the Puget Sound.
  • Spilled ash will run off with the rain into our storm ditches and be carried onward.
  • Diesel “black soot” will run-off with the rains.
  • Fuel and chemical spillages or leakages will run-off with the rains.
  • Air pollution fallout, which will increase significantly from present day levels due to the 500+ daily truck trips, will land on our bodies of water or will be washed by the rain into storm water run-off.
3. The 70+ acres at the ADAGE plant are prime sources for direct storm water run-off. This includes the huge areas covered in asphalt for fuel and chemical storage and parking lots, etc.

The documented additional air pollutants from ADAGE and Simpson/Solomon will settle where? They will settle on our wet lands, ponds, lakes, streams, rivers and the Puget Sound---as well as being carried across our communities, polluting the air, and then eventually ending up in storm run-off. Of particular personal concern would be the possible destruction of John’s Creek which is critical for multi-species salmon spawning. The Squaxin Tribe has been putting tremendous efforts into making John’s Creek and related wetlands into a viable venture between the tribe, county and state of Washington.

Finally, with all the accumulative effects on our water and environment, which could be overwhelmed by the increased pollution, the potential for the destruction of our forest lands will be ever present. This will result in even more destructive run-off. A vicious cycle---Yes, we'd say so. But, only if it’s not stopped. A way of life gone forever? We hope not!

Thank you for providing us with this opportunity to address our concerns regarding our precious and valued ecosystem.


Dick and Jo Curtis

Shelton, WA

Photo by Christine

Monday, December 13, 2010

ADAGE Option to Lease Hearing Denied 12/13/10

Citizens await justice in the Court of Amber Finlay

No justice today...

Justice will come eventually.
We have a number of pathways to pursue our objectives.
(Concerned Citizens of Mason County Attorney David Bricklin)

Photos by Christine

Timely Comments from Chris Hedges

Excerpt from:
"No Act of Rebellion Is Wasted
by Chris Hedges

We may feel, in the face of the ruthless corporate destruction of our nation, our culture, and our ecosystem, powerless and weak. But we are not. We have a power that terrifies the corporate state. Any act of rebellion, no matter how few people show up or how heavily it is censored by a media that caters to the needs and profits of corporations, chips away at corporate power. Any act of rebellion keeps alive the embers for larger movements that follow us. It passes on another narrative. It will, as the rot of the state consumes itself, attract wider and wider numbers. Perhaps this will not happen in our lifetimes. But if we persist we will keep this possibility alive. If we do not, it will die.

Link to complete article:

Citizen Open Forum at Port, 12/14/10, 6:00 PM

Port Commissioner Jack Miles

Tuesday, December 14th, at 6:00 PM
21 W Sanderson Way


Last Week at the Port Commissioners' Meeting

Al receives the Port of Shelton Service Award

Al gives the Port of Shelton "Paparazzi" Award

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Saturday, December 11, 2010


(She couldn't have done it! She was babysitting her grandchildren.)

Submitted to Shelton Blog by John Cox and Christine Armond


About two months ago, the doors at the Olympic Region Clean Air Agency offices in Olympia were glued shut. Did you hear about that? Maybe. It was briefly mentioned, and only in passing, in an article covering the ORCAA demonstration in the Olympian. Did you see it in the Shelton local paper? No. (Not even a few words about the demonstration that was locally organized specifically to address the ADAGE ORCAA permit application.)

Last Monday night, the doors at ORCAA were glued shut again and a window broken.

This time, the incident makes the front page of the Shelton-Mason County Journal. The Olympia paper carried the story, and the AP wire picked it up. If you have ever been involved with PR, you know that this kind of coverage rarely happens spontaneously. Somebody is working overtime.

This time around, the vandalism is BIG news. Everyone is pointing fingers at anti-biomass incinerator activists using phrases like "to some, the connection between....." and "other people are making the connection that.....". It is startling that a journalist from our local newspaper would choose to use FOX news propaganda techniques like this. The demonstration that is being connected to the vandalism wasn't even organized locally. (It was organized by a group in Olympia to participate in the 1000 Cancuns International Day of Action for climate change.)

This all may seem puzzling at first. However, we can always assist ourselves in understanding why things happen in politics and the world by using the technique of asking, "Who is benefiting?" and/or "Who is making money from this?".

Do the anti-biomass incinerator activists, who are trying to inform people about what is really going on, benefit from the vandalism? No. The vandalism is being used in a direct attempt to discredit them, to distract public attention from the real issues.

Does ORCAA benefit? It is hard to see how they would.

So who does benefit? One guess! ADAGE and biomass incinerator proponents are clearly benefiting from the vandalism.

Isn't it amazing that glued locks and a broken window in Olympia became a front page story in the Shelton paper? Isn't it intriguing that in the same edition, the newly formed "Citizens for a Prosperous Mason County" (promoting biomass incineration) is given a 1/4 page guest editorial slot? (It has Mason County in its name but apparently residence here is not required to be a charter member...go figure.) The coincidences rather boggle the mind. Somebody's PR department must be very happy.

It has been suggested by some, that those who benefit from the vandalism might be behind it. This may seem very far-fetched, but we've heard that there are some who do see such a connection. Would a corporation go so far as to lie, cheat, and break laws just to make a profit? Would most people have a hard time believing that? How about you? Personally, we shudder at the thought of it.

Photo by Christine