Let the light shine in!

We are Mason County residents in our seventh year of living in this beautiful area.  We are making, and will continue to make, every effort we can to keep it that way.
We began this community blog as an attempt to provide information and news to the citizens (and by the citizens) of Shelton and Mason County that is usually ignored, suppressed, or distorted by the “media” and the community power brokers.
True, this is an old story, but through the incredible power of blogs and email lists, and the unstoppable access to online information, we are now experiencing a redistribution of power.
Knowledge is power. The politicians, corporate media, and the local power brokers are no longer in complete control. Their grip on the reins of power is slipping due to the spotlight of internet scrutiny.

It's like living in a place that has a serious cockroach problem.  When you go into the kitchen at night and turn on the lights, the roaches that rule the kitchen in the dark scurry around madly trying to escape, seeking refuge in any dark corner that they can find.

And that's what we are trying to do.  Turn on the lights!  Join us!

John Cox & Christine Armond