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Wal-Mart biomass protest pictures

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Write in Justin Stang

This is why we don't need 100's of extra diesel trucks

Clean Air activist endure diesel fumes

Line of Concerned Citizens
An Olympian with a creative sign

Hey ADAGE Go Home!

Photos (c) 2010 Shawnie Whelan, all rights reserved

Regime Change. The American Answer to Illegitimate Tyranny

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Have our County Commissioners forgotten their oath to serve the people?
It seems as if they have crowned themselves as royal tyrants that have forgotten their masters are the electorate. These self appointed tyrants think they are smarter and wiser than the electorate in making choices about how we, the serfdom, will live and what we will do collectively with OUR tax money. In refusing to pose important questions to the electorate, our tyrant political class (and their pawns at the Chamber of Commerce) have decided FOR US how we will live, what we will collectively build, what our town, environment and lifestyle will be.

In doing so, like our last tyrant King George, they have pitted neighbor against neighbor....oh, and lined the pockets of their corporate masters. Too bad corporations don't have a vote.

Clueless and irrational tyrants like Lynda Ring Erickson decry the results of their own irresponsibility in failing to resolve questions the American voting. Lynda, can we mail you a clue? There are several ways that Americans resolve differences. We have a long history of overthrowing ego-maniacal tyrants when they attempt to deny us our preferred method of resolving differences....VOTING. Americans are okay with winning or losing a fair discussion at the ballot box.

If the political class acts irresponsibly and doesn't let the people peacefully settle the question, the disagreement lingers and builds, especially when it comes to a question so important and substantial that it will change the lives and lifestyles of the people for decades to come.

In running around town spreading rumors about name calling and other improprieties, Lynda Ring Erickson is simply illustrating her own arrogance and lack of respect for the American way, and drawing attention to her own culpability in the result. Lynda thinks she is discrediting her opponents, when what she is actually doing is highlighting her irresponsibility and the arrogance of the county commissioners in failing to uphold their oath to serve the people.

County Commissioners....Get a clue! When it comes to life changing important decisions, it is best to understand when you are in over your head and put the question to The People.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Creative SEPA Writing 101

Submitted to Shelton Blog by John Cox

From Simpson's SEPA (environmental checklist for their incinerator) document we have this masterpiece of doubletalk:

Q: What is the tallest height of any proposed structure(s), not including antennas; what is the principal exterior building material(s) proposed?

A: Historically, from the 1930's through 1984, Simpson owned and operated a large cogeneration boiler that supported two large stack towers, 250 feet and 150 feet, respectively. These units were removed and replaced with the current boiler and stack, 92 feet in height. The new cogeneration boiler proposal will resume Simpson's history of efficient energy production with a stack height of 140 feet, significantly smaller than previous structures.

So a stack that is 48 feet taller becomes "significantly smaller". How creative!

I think the SEPA needs another look. What other little tidbits of manipulation and deceit are waiting to be discovered?

PM 2.5 is a Killer

Submitted to Shelton Blog by John Cox

The Tons of Particulate Matter 2.5 (PM 2.5) that would be produced from the Adage and Simpson incinerators are a killer.

Is that statement over the top? Hyperbole? An exaggeration? I don't think so.

From a position paper of the American Heart Association, Particulate Matter Air Pollution and Cardiovascular Disease -- An Update to the Scientific Statement From the American Heart Association released in May of this year (Circulation . 2010;121:2331-2378.) we have statements like:

  • Exposure to PM 2.5 ┬Ám in diameter (PM2.5) over a few hours to weeks can trigger cardiovascular disease–related mortality and nonfatal events...

  • Longer-term exposure (eg, a few years) increases the risk for cardiovascular mortality to an even greater extent than exposures over a few days and reduces life expectancy within more highly exposed segments of the population by several months to a few years...

  • Several studies suggest that susceptible individuals at greater risk may include the elderly, patients with preexisting coronary artery disease, and perhaps those with diabetes. Recent data suggest that women and obese individuals might also be at higher risk.

  • It is the opinion of the writing group that the overall evidence is consistent with a causal relationship between PM2.5 exposure and cardiovascular morbidity and mortality.

  • The PM2.5 concentration– cardiovascular risk relationships for both short- and long-term exposures appear to be monotonic, extending below 15 #g/m3 (the 2006 annual NAAQS level) without a discernable “safe” threshold. (translation: There is no safe amount)
And believe me, there is much, much more in the rest of the paper.

If you look back at the cigarette-lung cancer argument, the second hand smoke argument, the low level ionizing radiation argument and others, there is a common pattern. Government regulations, for our protection, always lag far behind current scientific knowledge.

So until the EPA, ORCAA, and the other regulatory bodies catch up, we will have to protect ourselves and families by continuing to do whatever we can to stop the Adage and Simpson incinerators.

Don't forget the DEMONSTRATION Thursday the 29th 5-7 pm at Kneeland Blvd @ Walmart.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Pictures from the fair

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ADAGE (Duke, Areva) and Incinerator free mason county both had booths at the county fair. My, the ADAGE both looks sterile and cold. I did not go to the fair. Thanks to all who went and personed the incinerator free booth and thanks to DJ and John Smith for sending in these pictures.

Pictures of the Incinerator free booth by "DJ"

Incinerator free fair booth

Incinerator free booth

Bake Sale


Cupcake close up

Pictures of the ADAGE booth by John Smith

ADAGE booth

ADAGE booth

Monday, July 26, 2010

Show the Commissioners How You Feel!--Thursday


If you have been looking for a way to show the COMMISSIONERS how you feel about the INCINERATORS and not having a VOICE in the DECISION making process, this is your CHANCE.

There will be a DEMONSTRATION THURSDAY, 5-7pm. You can come early and stay late. This is the first demonstration taking place after normal working hours so be prepared for a large turn out. The LOCATION is KNEELAND BLVD @ WALMART.

See you there!!!

Photo by Shawnie Whelan all rights reserved

Shelton says...move over Tacoma!

Submitted to Shelton Blog by Clear Cut

Once again it appears our Mason County and Port of Shelton Commissioners are bound and determined to place Shelton prominently on the list of places people roll up their windows, turn on the air conditioning and drive as fast as possible through on the way to God's Country where they can breathe.

Mason County is already #39 of 39 Washington counties for poor human health. Way to go county commissioners Tim Sheldon, Ross Gallagher and Lynda Ring Erickson. What inspiring leadership, eh? Aiming low, shooting for the bottom! What fine examples of public service!

Not satisfied with the worst health in Washington State, they want to put us further in the hole by inviting Adage and their TONS of incinerator emissions into our county, adding another 380 tons of particulates under 10 microns to what we already breathe. What do we already breathe you ask? Well, let's ask ORCAA!
According to ORCAA's latest figures (from 2007? Keep up the fine work ORCAA) Olympic Panel emits 103 tons and Simpson emits 136 tons per year. Whoo hoo! If we get Adage we'll have 619 tons of total particulates per year in our air! Heck, that doesn't even count the 20,075 - 50 mile round trip truck loads of woody biomass fuel spewing "fugitive" pollution! My view of Mt. Olympus is already getting smoggy just imagining it. Golly, I'm all choked up. Better stay indoors kids....

Adage's 98 tons of the most dangerous under 2.5 micron particulate pollution will get us to #22 on the list. If we add Adage's 98 tons of sub 2.5 micron particulates to Olympic Panel's 23 tons and Simpson's 48 tons will total 169 tons! My heart is missing a beat just thinking of it, isn't yours? We're #22, we're #22!

Adage's 249.9 tons of carbon monoxide added to Simpson's 258 tons it's like getting TWO major source polluters! I'm getting short of breath just thinking about it!

If your eyes aren't watering yet (tears of joy or NOx?) Adage will add 240 tons of NOx to Simpson's 60 tons. Not counting any other source, that's 300 tons! Hey, pretty soon we will be competing with L.A.!
Isn't that wonderful? Readers, just look where we will be when we get 380 tons of under 10 micron particulates from Adage.
Adage alone will get us to #8 on the list of sucky places to live in Washington with polluted air.
I think the commissioners secretly have Centralia in their sights.

Why don't we all give them a call at 427-9670 ext. 419 and tell them what we think?
I know they are looking forward to your call.



A typical clear cut on Simpson land

Submitted to Shelton Blog by Duff Badgley

July 26, 2010—Clear-cut logging titan Simpson Logging Company wants to supply Evergreen State College with fuel for its proposed campus biomass incinerator—fuel that would come from clear-cut forests and be paid for by federal subsidies.

No Biomass Burn has a DVD showing Evergreen College Engineer Richard Davis saying at a July 19, 2010 public event in Mason County:

”We were approached by Green Diamond (Simpson) about a year ago and they were getting concerned about not being able to burn slash in the forest and they were looking for a way to provide us with fuel. Now the thing they liked about Evergreen is that we weren’t big enough to be their full market. They want a diversified market but that’s absolutely right, Green Diamond is looking for a way to stop slash burning in the forest.”

Simpson often operates under the name “Green Diamond Resources” in Washington and California.

Davis did not say if Evergreen has accepted the Simpson offer, has rejected it, or is still mulling it.

Evergreen has stated only fuel from sustainably-maintained forests would be used in its biomass incinerator proposed to be located on campus next to the college daycare center.

If Evergreen signs a deal with Simpson, Simpson may not need to sell its slash to Evergreen. Simpson may be able to give the slash to Evergreen free. The federal government would pay Simpson for ‘harvesting’ the slash and providing it to Evergreen to burn in its incinerator. Under BCAP—the Biomass Crop Assistance Program-- guaranteed, inflated prices are paid to suppliers of fuel for biomass incinerators. Under BCAP, Simpson would be paid these same high prices to burn its own mill sawdust in the separate 31MW biomass incinerator proposed by Simpson for downtown Shelton.

Simpson is an international logging giant. It owns vast acreage in Washington State and California where its most common logging practice is clear-cutting. Clear-cutting is the devastating logging practice of denuding large tracts of all trees leaving behind only fallen “debris”, often called slash by commercial loggers. Nothing but splintered branches, needles and leaves remain after a clear-cut. These woody remains are then stripped from the ground and sold as fuel for biomass incinerators like those proposed by Adage, Simpson and Evergreen. When the supply of slash is exhausted, whole trees are fed to the incinerators.

Clear-cutting followed by slash gathering leaves the forest floor mostly bare, deprived of vital nutrients from decaying woody matter, and open to erosion. The absence of woody tangle on the ground denies habitat to many smaller forest animals.

Studies document how clear-cutting followed by biomass incineration of slash stokes climate change: (1) the carbon sequestration of the logged forest is immediately stopped; (2) the biomass incineration in an instant releases huge amounts of carbon dioxide, the primary greenhouse gas causing climate change.

Evergreen claims it is proposing its biomass incinerator to reduce its carbon emissions.

College officials have recently denied reports that Evergreen has already decided to build its highly polluting campus biomass incinerator and is fast-tracking plans to fund it. Toxic emissions in five key pollutants would jump compared to the current Evergreen natural gas boiler.

But, college officials said at a public meeting on July 16 that only details remain to be worked out for the planned $7-14M burner. One of those details was reported to be securing a fuel source. Davis admitted on July 16 that, compared to the current natural gas boiler, carbon dioxide emissions would likely double with the new incinerator and four other dangerous pollutants would surge by 20%.


· Duff Badgley, No Biomass Burn. 206-283-0621;;
· Scott Morgan, Evergreen State College. 360-867-6913;

· Richard Davis, Evergreen State College. 360-867-6136;

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Here is what a small biomass plant looks and sounds like

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I paid a visit to the biomass incinerator in Grays Harbor County. This incinerator is about 1/4 the size of the one that ADAGE wants to install and about 1/2 the size of the one Simpson wants to install. It is loud and smelly. MANY of the houses near it are up for sale. In this first video you can hear the noise from the plant.

I could hear this plant very clearly from from the inside of my economy car with my kid making noise.

This next one was taken from the freeway so freeway sounds predominate:

Remember this is just 1/2 of the size of the one Simpson wants to install.

Feel free to distribute these particular photos and videos far and wide.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Chamber Pot

Submitted to Shelton Blog by John Cox


The local Chamber of Commerce is supporting the Adage incinerator (and no doubt they will support the Simpson incinerator too).

At one time the Chamber of Commerce primarily acted as a resource for local businesses. Since Tom Donohue became the CEO in 1997, the US Chamber of Commerce has changed into a national partisan political lobbying outfit that shamelessly promotes the interests of big business and big corporations. It is anti-labor, anti-tax, anti-environmental controls, anti-financial regulation, anti-anything that might reduce profits for the fat cats.

In the last election cycle the Chamber spent $50 million trying to defeat Democratic candidates. Currently it spends $3 million each week fighting President Obama's legislative efforts.

It is a bit confusing here in Mason County. We have one "Democratic" County Commissioner that was a Democrat for Bush and another that's on the Board of Trustees of the local Chamber. It's like an incestuous 3 way between the Chamber, Adage, and the politicians, but only the citizens are getting screwed.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Who is Steve Bloomfield anyway?

Submitted to Shelton Blog by John Cox

Steve Bloomfield, for those of you who don't know, is the guy who has spoken a couple of times at the County Commissioners' meetings and at the Port meetings in support of the Adage incinerator. He has mentioned his low opinion of narcissistic megalomaniac kooks that aren't from Mason County and who come here to falsely accuse Adage and mislead the people. He claims to represent the majority of citizens in Mason County that really want the incinerator but have felt too intimidated to say anything. I guess kooks are pretty scary.

Steve Bloomfield may be a lot of things, but speaking as the self-appointed representative of the silent majority is not quite, how can I say it?...not quite correct.

RE: Justin Stang--Write In candidate for the State Senate

Submitted to Shelton Blog by Justin Stang

Dear Friend,

In trying and difficult times, it is often necessary for individuals to look beyond their own lives and personal interests and dedicate themselves to the public service of their community and the greater good. It is for this reason and as an extension of the volunteer and charity projects I've been involved with that I have decided to declare my write-in candidacy for the office of Washington State Senator, 35th Legislative District. As of today, I have registered with the Secretary of State's office and am officially a candidate.

In the five years I have been a Washington resident, it has become apparent that the qualities we so desperately need and look for in our elected officials are not necessarily exemplified by the ones we have elected to lead. Honesty, integrity, sincerity, courage, and imagination are attributes that know no age or experience and are the exact traits we desire in our politicians. Additionally, our leaders should care about the people that they lead and should inspire others toward progress and greatness. Far too often, as is the case today, these ideas become corrupted and lost by the very ones entrusted to protect them. I believe that I possess these qualities and, if privileged enough to serve this community from an elected office, will inspire others to do the same. After all, what better way is there to lead, than by example?

There are many tough issues facing our great state, and I can see that the time for effective leadership is more crucial now than perhaps ever before. Economic hardship, environmental threats, health and housing costs, among many others, all jeopardize a bright and successful future for Washington's residents. Our public schools need proper funding, our seniors need proper and affordable care and our government needs comprehensive streamlining to avoid unnecessary wasteful spending. Moreover, I am concerned with the health and financial impact of the numerous proposed incinerators and have been in a state of disbelief over the lack of public process with regard to the corporate and government negotiations in their attempt to build these facilities.

As you already know, there is an extensive amount of work that needs to be done and it is now clear that our elected officials are not listening to their constituents and consequently are not alleviating any concerns with regard to these many problems. In fact, more of the same leadership will predictably bring us more of the same problems. Like so many others in this district I waited to see who would be the one I could be confident voting for; however, to my dismay I found that there was no one running that offered the community alternative choices in this critical position of leadership. After much consideration I'm willing to be that person. So what will I do differently? I can offer the residents here an open, transparent office, the judgment and conviction to have an opinion on tough issues, and the wisdom and courage to change that opinion with new information or as an extension of the people's will if it is apparent they disagree. More importantly, I can be the rare politician that offers an ear to listen to what the voters think and open a constructive dialogue, as opposed to only telling them what they should believe is in their best interest.

My name is Justin Stang. I live in Union, Washington with my partner Willow Shanahan and work for Olympic Mountain Ice Cream. I am the singer and songwriter for the Mason County based band Sideways Reign and I'm the co-founder of The Sideways Reign Foundation. For those of you that are unfamiliar with our foundation, it is an extension of the band dedicated to community improvement with an annual scholarship, adopted highway and sponsored youth soccer team. I graduated, with honors, from Providence College with a B.A. in History. Being a student of history made me aware of the dangers created by a lack of government representation, and there is a critical truth facing our District - that if we don't learn from our past mistakes of electing leaders who do not represent our community needs and interests, we will be condemned to endure them being repeated for another four years. I am a Democrat, but I prefer to listen to and represent all people. I believe that the people of the 35th Legislative District deserve a Senator that actually represents them and holds their interests above that of corporations or themselves and I believe I am the best candidate for that task. If you agree, please write-in Justin Stang for the office of Washington State Senator, 35th Legislative District. I also welcome and need donations for this campaign effort as they will be used to amplify your voice on the issues that really matter during this election season. Thank you.

Please make contributions to:
Committee to Elect Justin Stang
PO Box 2003
Shelton, WA 98584

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Debunking the myth that they would burn it all in the forest anyway

Submitted to Shelton Blog by Shelton Blogger

This wood was left to rot in the forest after logging operations. It was not burned in an open pile and it was not burned in an incinerator next to houses and ball parks. Wood is often left to rot, it is not always burned.

Vincent (Grisdale) Hill

Olympic National Forest after "thinning"

Olympic National Forest under the 100 year sustained yield

Cushman Hill (Simpson land)

AREVA’S dirty little secret

Submitted to Shelton Blog by Shelton Blogger

This is an article by Greenpeace about one of ADAGE parent companies activities in Niger. Is this how Areva will treat Shelton? No matter how you feel about nuclear energy I'm sure you'll disagree with practice of poisoning the civilian population.
AREVA’S dirty little secret

Feature story - May 6, 2010

In one of the poorest nations in the world, French nuclear giant AREVA is extracting precious—and deadly—natural resources, earning billions for its Fortune 500 corporation while the people pay the price. Our latest report exposes the unsafe everyday living conditions of the people of Niger as AREVA mines precious uranium from their land to fuel their attempts at a new nuclear revolution.
AREVA currently has activities in over 100 countries and aggressively pushes nuclear energy in new markets globally. Its PR teams work overtime to convince governments, investors and the general public that nuclear energy is now a safe, clean, and ’green’ technology. While the nuclear industry is trying to have us believe that the waste can be cleaned up, buried under some mountain and forgotten for a few thousand years or that the plants generating energy with deadly waste are safe, they are covering up the deadly effects acquiring the fuel that nuclear energy requires..... (more)

Who are the Outsiders?

Submitted to Shelton Blog by John Cox

I was thinking about my conversation with Steve Bloomfield. He said his comment about narcissistic megalomaniacs was directed at “outsiders” and not the citizens of Mason County.

I asked him who that was, and he didn't really seem to know. I asked if he was referring to Duff or Dr Sammons, and he seemed to agree, but I'm not sure. I then asked him if he thought Adage was an outsider too and he changed the subject.

Well, it's pretty clear who the real outsider is...Adage, a multinational corporation. As such, it is concerned only about its bottom line...its profits. It wants to harvest its profits from Mason County, and I doubt there is one shred of genuine concern for what gets left behind. What might that be you ask?


This is nothing new. Rape and pillage are an old story. Adage is an old story. I think it is time for a new ending.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Alternative pledges of allegiance

Submitted to Shelton Blog by John Cox

I pledge allegiance to the Earth and to the flora, fauna and human life that it supports, one planet, indivisible, with safe air, water and soil, economic justice, equal rights and peace for all.

I pledge allegiance to humanity, and to each person for which it stands, multiple nations, sharing peace, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

I pledge allegiance to the Government of the United States of America,
and to the New Collectivism for which it stands.
One nation, under Obama,
with bailouts and handouts for the favored.
I pledge allegiance to my fellow citizens, with whom I will work to uphold our freedoms, fulfill our responsibilities to one another, and maintain our place as a responsible nation in the community of nations.

- Kwame Anthony Appiah, professor of philosophy

What we need is a vote. It's just that simple.

Submitted to Shelton Blog by John Cox

This is comment I made at today's County Commissioners' meeting:

My name is John Cox. My wife and I live in Mason County. I work 40 hours a week or more here. I work on weekends and spend a lot of my limited free time going to meetings like this. We drive a 3 year old economy car and pay on a mortgage for a two bedroom house. We are a middle class family. We vote in elections. We donate to charities. If you had to come up with a couple of average citizens, we are likely candidates.

We may be a bit outside the norm in one area though. We have a strong desire for things to be fair. We believe in justice. We believe in the concepts of democracy, and that sometimes you have to fight for what is right and struggle against the odds so that concepts like justice, fairness and equality stay alive.

So, I am here today. I risk being labeled a narcissistic megalomaniac, or a kook, or worse, because I dare to care about the welfare of my family, friends, and fellow citizens—all of us.

And I am not alone in this. Clearly...

Actually, I take it as a sign that we are on the right track when those that we disagree with start calling us names as it means there is no real substance to their arguments.

So, again, I ask that the people---you know, those pesky little people who want to be happy and healthy—all the people:

Not just the people with political influence
Not just the politicians, wheeling and dealing in power
Not just those who have long ago lost their souls to the power of greed…..

In the name of my family; in the name of average everyday citizens, just like me; in the name of all those who are without power, position, wealth or prestige; I make the demand that we the people be provided the opportunity to decide if we want the Adage incinerator to come to this community.

The easiest way to do that is a vote. It’s just that simple.

Afterwards, Steve Bloomfield, the author of the "narcissistic megalomaniac" epithet, told me that he had not intended the comment to be applied to Mason County residents, just the outsiders.

So I asked him if he considered Adage an outsider as well.

The author of the Kook label, Tim Sheldon, had no comments.

So it goes......

Monday, July 19, 2010

First Post

OK here we go! Welcome to Shelton Blog!