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Lake Nahwatzel Rezone Denied 2 To 1
By JE, KMAS News 

The Commission Chambers was full of Lake Nahwatzel land owners requesting denial of the proposed rezone/land swap of the 240 acres located along Lake Nahwatzel with 240 acres located at Kennedy Creek. The unapproved rezone keeps the Lake Nahwatzel property as “long term forest” for the time being.  If Green Diamond wants to pursue the rezone for a second time, they must wait another year for a hearing; Green Diamond must submit a new application and go through the process again if a rezone is to be completed. . .
There were approximately 10 people testifying against the rezone, all were associated with an effort by the Friends of Lake Nahwatzel.  The group effort was organized by the current President Malcolm R. Dick (A.K.A. Bob Dick) when one of the land owners learned by “accident” that the request for rezone was underway by Green Diamond. Only when the land owner came across a Green Diamond survey team that would not tell why the land was being surveyed did the land owners start their effort.

Items of consideration as requested by the land owners was the emotional impact of what was being done to “right next door” and the pristine environment that has been enjoyed for years by those same residents, statements in the hearing examiner’s report regarding concerns of maintaining the water quality of the lake. . .

President Dick went on to emphasize issues with how the comprehensive plan and the subsequent rezone proposal process failed citizens who should have been involved far earlier. Dick offered suggestions to the Commission to prevent this “missed communication” from happening again.

Lynda Ring-Erickson - against approval for rezone
Terri Jeffreys - against approval for rezone
Tim Sheldon - for approval for rezone

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  1. Well, well, kudos to the new County Commissioner and the outgoing County Commissioner!

    And who can be surprised that Tim was on the side of corporate dominance yet again?